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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter Solstice when the light is most brief during the year but the promise of spring and long days are just around the corner. This is my favorite time of year when all those handwoven items come out to ward against the chill. It is the wool time of year. At dawn here there was a fluttering of snow that never quite reached the ground. The wind is blowing strong from the north and I'm debating what exciting colors to put on the loom today. Our Christmas Gallery in the mall is going well with just a few days left. It is one of our few chances during the year for the local artists to get out and meet the public and sell their wares. The world needs more of that and less of the mass produced hysteria.
May you all be well and very blessed during this sacred time of year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The word for today from Cate at Beyond the Fields We Know http://kerrdelune.blogspot.com/ is Turnings. Cate is talking about the turning of the year and the seasons and life in general. For me turnings have to do with the fibers that become the yarns I weave and knit. It is the turning of the fiber that makes it strong and hold together and not just be bits of fluff hanging around. Life is like that too because it is the change/turnings that come when we least expect them that makes our lives hold together and be stronger. In just a couple of weeks we will have the turning of the year with the Winter Solstice. The new year always brings change, some looked for and some not.

May all your turnings be toward the light.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Llano Estacado Christmas Gallery is underway here in metro Hobbs. This neat pine looking sculpture was made by my friend David Sadler who is our local stone carver. The pottery below is by a couple of different local potters: Josie Tabor from Carlsbad and Bozena Kaczan. For a small community out on the plains we have an abundance of talented artists.

November went by in a whirlwind of activity. We had 10 people to dinner on the holiday itself and an abundance of snow. There was much to be thankful for. We opened the Christmas Gallery the day after Thanksgiving and it has been humming along ever since, it will be up and running till Christmas Eve.