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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Earth Day! It is spring on this beautiful planet we call home and it is hard not to appreciate all the things coming to life after a long winter. In many place on the web you can read about Earth Day and ways to save the planet. My favorite is www.noimpactman.typepad.com who writes every day about ways to make our footprints a little smaller. If you think it is hard to make a difference where you live, try in an apt in NYC where Colin lives! If he and his family can make a difference so can the rest of us. At this point I think it is important to find ways to make our lives less toxic to ourselves and the planet - before it is too late. So do something today to celebrate this beautiful place we live!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another day another poncho. So far this one may be my favorite. It is periwinkle and bronze. Such a strange color combination came about by accident but really works here in our desert southwest. There is a lot of motteling of the colors here and it adds a great deal of interest.
On other fronts I have been trying out mosaics. The round white one is my work and the blue and white tray is a friend's. We grouted together on the back porch today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The summer clothes project started because I wanted something fun to wear this summer. Something that would look good with leggings and birks, standard artist wear. I did not intend to sell the dresses, but planned selfishly to keep them and wear them. I planned to sell the ponchos. However I would wear the dress out in public and someone would stop me and ask if they could buy a set and they would tell me the color they wanted and I went home and dyed them up. So this post is for my friends who are trying to figure out what size to tell me they want. The purple dress is a one size and is large on the top and bottom. It is what I wear even though it looks baggy in places, you can put a t-shirt under it or another tank in the summer. The coral one is an X-Large and does come in larger and smaller sizes. It is more like a regular Large size. Does that help? Send me an email and let me know....

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Poncho madness has taken over my house. There are ponchos of almost every color hanging all over getting ready to make their debut at the Farmer's Market. They will get a preview at the Pre-Mother's Day trunk show at the Back Porch Antique Mall on May 2nd. My partner in the booth, Jean Peter is showing her beautiful jewelry from 11-4 on that Saturday. Bargains and treasures will abound for those close enough to come to the sale (108 E. Broadway, Hobbs). In addition to jewelry there will be beads for sale and silk scarves, handwoven garments and hand dyed garments.

As I was taking these pictures outside on the back porch I was joined by all my animal friends. George is doing what he was doing in the last post, sleeping. At 11 years old he does that most of the time.

This turquoise and deep red is probably my favorite. It was a last minute thought and I dreaded that the colors would not "go" together and would just look like mud, but it came out very striking.

Frisbee came out to see what all the pictures were about. She is the darling of my heart...

Here is the Red Chenille Shawl from the last post finished. This first picture is of the back, it comes down to a V in the back.

Here is the front with one of the panels draped over the shoulder. The panels are just a little longer than I would normally make them because the lady for whom this shawl was made is quite tall and I wanted her to be able to wear a brooch or pin with it and still have plenty left to drape down.