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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slow knit / slow yarn

Yarn is such a personal thing. We like this color or fiber maybe not so much another. We hold that yarn in our hands for many hours as we make something for ourselves or a loved one. It is not too far a stretch to imagine that the yarn picks up some of our personal vibration. How much more of ourselves then would be embodied in something made from yarn we have handspun?

 Not too far in the past, a 150 years or so, all our garments would have been made through one slow method or another. Handspun, handwoven would have been the norm, and garments lasted for years. They were passed down through the family finally becoming quilts and rags. 

Making things by hand helps ground us. It gives us a tangible place in the world where our minds can slow down and be still for a time. I am beginning a new slow project. I've solar dyed some (28 ounces) of Blue Faced Leicester. The first 4 ounces have been spun on my Matchless into a two ply that is worsted weight - the  first skein was not quite 220 yards. I'm making a guage swatch in linen stitch with a vest in mind. The colorway is Autumn Shadows. 
Summer is a good time to slow down the mind. Join me.