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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sock Yarn

Autumn has officially been with us just over a month now and the knitting season is in full swing. So many people have asked me about sock yarn that I am now offering Wildefoote Yarn that is hand dyed. It is a Merino and Nylon blend that makes the most wonderful soft durable socks. I do not spin sock yarn because I cannot spin and ply that finely - others in this active spinning community are able to do so. I will stay with my bulky singles and two plys and be perfectly happy. However for those of you who NEED sock yarn I will have eight new colors on Saturday at the market. A reminder that we vendors will be dressed up for Halloween and there will be children trick-or-treating. Hope to see you there!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Home. What a sweet word. I'm home again after travelling to see my husband, this time in Ireland. I looked for yarn and expected everything to be woolen but was sadly disappointed. There were many, many sheep but relatively little wool on offer in Dublin or in the countryside. What little I found was from Northern Ireland in Donegal where the govt still subsidizes the wool and weaving industry. Ireland is a beautiful place, almost impossibly green. We were fortunate to have good weather and were able to get out and walk a lot.

Back here at home the dyepots are already in use so there will be new things for the market on Saturday. I'll be back in my regular place across from the Rio Grande Theater.

Two pictures for you from the trip. The first is a ruin in the town on Trim where the movie Braveheart was filmed. The second is from a churchyard in Killkenny where there were many Celtic crosses.