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Thursday, January 05, 2012


Here in New Mexico this January is feeling more like September as our days have been pretty warm. It is a good time to sit outside and spin in the sun. That studio in the previous post is getting a lot of use and making it easier to keep up with orders and post to etsy. Meanwhile the Farmer's Market has been super busy with plans for the Centennial Celebration of 100 years of statehood for New Mexico. Here are pictures of new things I'm working on:
Harper sends you all his warmest bunny regards. We will celebrate a year together on Jan 11. Who knew a bunny could make such a difference in a person's life? I've learned to spin angora and how to entertain a rabbit. He has learned how to charm the dog and harass the cat - and there is never any doubt about who is in charge because it is always the Rabbit.