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Thursday, September 09, 2010

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Spinning on my friend Lee Ann's Lendrum. Fall is just around the corner and it is time for some serious spinning. The latest thing I've been trying is Navajo 3-ply. The technique is easy - you can look it up on youtube to see how it is done - I just cannot get over the fact that you start out with this enormous amount of single ply yarn and when you have 3-plied it there is so much less. Of course that is obvious because you are making one yarn that is three times as thick, but it makes two ply seem somehow decadent in how far it will go. Must also say that the Lendrum is a dream to spin on. It comes with three heads for different kinds of spinning and a lazy kate for plying. Probably the most important thing I noticed is that the orifice, which is quite large, is also set higher than the one on the Ashford Joy that I normally use. I never thought about this until LeeAnn and her new Lendrum came to spin with me last week at the Ramble. We sat for about two hours spinning, then the next day I took my wheel to the market and spun for about 4 hours straight. My back was killing me after all that spinning and hunching down over the Joy - need I mention that I am awaiting the delivery of my very own Lendrum this week?

In more somber news I must report that my office manager George died in August. He was with me 12 years and his presence in every sense will be sorely missed.

May all your skeins be tangle free.