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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ordinary Things

I wait all year for October and it rushes by quicker than anything in the spring or summer. It is as though the last 90 days of the year are supercharged and travel at light speed while the first 3/4 of the year meanders along taking it's merry time. Probably that perception would be different if I were still in school or had rug rats in school to remind me that summer usually goes fastest. But now in my late middle years it is the fall that goes so fast that it makes my head swim. So today some ordinary things to slow things down.
The dogs waterbowls on the back porch.

Late summer coleus.

Climbing roses on the shade wall.

The cottonwood tree in the early morning sun.
New skeins from last week's dye pots.

Color everywhere this season. It is time to become a connoisseur of light. Drink it in like fine wine in this clear dry weather. Over at Windthread, Grace is appreciating the light in her modest home to the north of where I live.