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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You could blame it on a short attention span, but you could also blame it on having an abundance of yarn laying around the studio. After weaving - what to do with all the bits and pieces of yarn left? It is impossible to throw them away. This winter I decided that they would make good hats and I would enjoy the knitting. I cast on about 80 stitches on size 10 needles. I like the 16" circular made by Lantern Moon in ebony. For the first three or four inches I knit two and pearl two all the way around to get a stretchy rib stitch.
Then I switch over to knit and hold the yarn in the European style that allows for very fast knitting. In an evening or two I have a new hat with all kinds of interesting bits of yarn thrown in.

This is what it looks like in the being made stage:

Here is one in blues and purples. You should try this, you don't even need a pattern, just get started and grab some of that wonderful knitting yarn that is available everywhere these days. Knit in the round (add a pearl row or two for variation if you want) until it is 6" or so, depending on the size of your head. Then begin to decrease, one every 8 stitches, then 7 and so on until you get down to just a hand full of stitches, cut the tail about 12" and thread back through the last few loops on the needles and tie off.
Yesterday was the inauguration. It gave me hope for the future and made me proud to be an American.